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General Terms and Conditions


1. General

These General Terms and Condition have been prepared in accordance with consumer safety regulations, on the basis of the recommendations of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and international codes of online and electronic operations. The Cannamedis d.o.o. online shop (hereinafter referred to as the “Online store”) is operated by Cannamedis d.o.o., provider of electronic operations services (hereinafter referred to as the “Retailer”).

Upon registering in the online store the visitor will receive a username which is the same as their e-mail address and a password chosen by the user. The username and password explicitly specify the user and associate them with the entered data. Upon registration, the visitors confirm and guarantee that they are the age of majority and of full legal capacity. Upon registration, the visitor becomes a user and obtains the right to purchase. Upon the purchase of an item, the user becomes a costumer.

By buying or enrolling in Cannamedis d.o.o., the consumer allows the trader to store, process and use personal information provided on the web form until cancellation for the following purposes: phone, written and electronic information on updates and offers, invitations to events, customer segmentation, surveys, statistical processing.

These General Terms and Conditions define the operation of the online store, the rights and obligations of the visitor, user and customer, and the business relationship between the Retailer and users as customers of item from the online store's product range.


2. Accessibility of information

The Retailer undertakes to make the following available to the user at all times:

  • data on the identity of the Retailer (primarily the name and registered office of the company and the registration number under which the company is entered in the business register);
  • contact information which allows the user to communicate quickly and efficiently with the Retailer (e-mail address, telephone number);
  • information about the essential characteristics of the products or services in the online store's product range, including after-sale services and warranties;
  • information about the availability of the products of services in the online store's product range;
  • the method and conditions for delivery of the products or provision of the services, primarily the place and delivery deadline;
  • information about payment methods;
  • data on the duration of offers from the online store;
  • information about the deadline for withdrawal from the agreement and the conditions of withdrawal from the agreement;
  • information about the possibility of returning products and the costs incurred by the user thereby;
  • information about the customer complaints procedure and data on the Retailer's costumer relations contact person.


3. Product range, delivery deadline and acceptance

Owing to the nature of online operations, the online store’s product range is changed and updated frequently and quickly. Therefore, errors may occur. Please let us know if you notice them via e-mail to We will try to resolve them as soon as possible.


3.1. Sales and discounts

Offers/discounts are non-combinable! If the products on the website are already on discount, no additional discounts may be taken into account. In this case the system will offer the customer a more favourable discount.

3.2. Delivery deadline

The delivery deadline for items in stock is 2 business days for delivery addresses in Slovenia, unless delivered later by Pošta Slovenije to certain delivery addresses (see Point 9 ). For other items the delivery deadline for delivery addresses in Slovenia shall be that stated next to the item in the online store. Each item from the online store is available in a reasonable time.

3.3. Order acceptance

Upon submitting a purchase order, the user may select one of the following options for receiving the items:

  • in person at the company offices, in which case no postage is paid;
  • by post, in which case postage for packages under €50 is €3,5.


4. Payment methods

The Retailer accepts the following methods of payment for items purchased from the online store:

  • in cash at pick-up
  • prior deposit of purchase price in the Retailer’s current account

Payment by debit or credit card is possible only, if the information in the user profile for the payer is identical to the information in the user profile for the holder of the debit or credit card.  


5. Prices

Online prices apply for all registered users of the Retailer’s online store.

All prices at the online store are given in euros and include VAT unless expressly stated otherwise. Prices in B2B (option) do not include VAT and this information is explicitly stated. All prices at the online store are prices for items and do not include costs of delivery (see Points 3 and 9). All prices apply only to online orders for items via the online store.

All prices apply at the moment of submission of an order and do not have predetermined value. Despite the Retailer’s exceptional effort to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information, prices listed may not be accurate. In the case set out in the preceding paragraph and in the case that the price of an item changes during the processing of an order, i.e. from the moment of submission of an order to the confirmation of the order, the Retailer shall:

  • notify the user (customer) thereof and inform them of the new prices; in such cases the user (customer) has the option to change their order or cancel it in part or in full, or confirm the order at the new prices, all without additional cost; or
  • allow the user (customer) to withdraw from the purchase and offer a solution which


6. Purchasing procedure

6.1. Receipt of order

After submission of the order the user (customer) will receive an email from the Retailer stating that the order has been received. The user (customer) may cancel the order within 1 hour of receipt of this message without incurring consequences. Aside from the option of cancellation, the user (customer) may not change the order after submitting it. The user profile on the Retailer’s website offers the user (customer) continuous detailed data on the status and content of their order.


6.2. Confirmation of order

If the user (customer) does not cancel the order, the order is sent for further processing. After receiving the order, the Retailer reviews the order, checks the availability of the ordered items and confirms the order or rejects it with an explanation. In order to verify the data or to ensure the timeliness of the delivery the Retailer may contact the user (customer) by telephone at the contact number supplied by the user. Upon confirmation of the order the Retailer will send the user (customer) an email notification of the expected time of delivery. At this stage, the sales agreement between the user (customer) and the Retailer on the purchase of the ordered items is irrevocable (see Point 7).


6.3. Shipping of items

The Retailer shall prepare the ordered items for shipping within the agreed time limit and ship them.


7. Sales agreement

The Retailer shall issue the user that purchases an item from the online store a written invoice with itemised costs and an explanation of the right to cancel the transaction or return the purchased item if necessary and possible. The sales agreement in the form of the purchase order is stored in electronic form on the Retailer’s server. The sales agreement is concluded in the Slovenian language.

The sales agreement between the Retailer and the user (customer) is concluded at the moment the Retailer confirms the order (see Point 6.2). From that point onward all prices and other conditions of sale are fixed and apply to both the Retailer and the user (customer).


8. Rights to cancellation of order and return of merchandise

The user (customer) has the right to withdraw from the sales agreement within 15 days of the date of receipt of the ordered merchandise by sending a notice of cancellation to the e-mail address, whereby it shall not be necessary to state a reason for such decision. The return of the purchased items to the Retailer within the deadline for withdrawal from the sales agreement shall be deemed a notice of cancellation. The sole cost borne by the user (customer) due to cancellation of the sales agreement is the cost of returning the merchandise to the Retailer.

The purchased items must be returned to the Retailer within 14 days of the date of submitting the notice of cancellation of the sales agreement. The purchased items must be returned to the Retailer undamaged, in their original packaging and in the quantity delivered, unless the merchandise is destroyed, damaged, lost or its quantity decreased through no fault of the user (customer).

The Retailer shall reimburse the user (customer) as soon as possible for returned items, but no later than within 14 days of receipt of the notice of cancellation; paid amounts and redeemed gift certificates are subject to reimbursement while promotional codes and other discounts shall not be reimbursed. The Retailer shall reimburse paid amounts to the user’s (customer’s) personal or current account. Redeemed gift certificates shall be reimbursed in the form of credit.

Although we always act in good faith, errors may occur during the changes of the website.

The Retailer undertakes to fix the detected error as quickly as possible.

The user can alert the Retailer about the error via mobile phone or e-mail.

If the error causes any ineligible costs, the Retailer shall undertake to settle them within 14 days of the date of the reasoned notice about the error.

The retailer carefully packs the products before shipment in a delivery box. All products must be intact, thoroughly examined and in their original packaging before packing.


8.1. Real or latent defects

The customer has to inform the Retailer and give a detailed description of the defect via e-mail to The customer must allow the Retailer to examine the product with a real or latent defect. If the defect is not contentious, the Retailer shall replace the product or provide a refund within 14 days of complaint receipt. If the Retailer does not agree with the real defect or there is a dispute around it, the Retailer must give a written response in the same timeframe.

The Retailer must ensure that all the products, which received complaints, are replaced or refunded directly into the bank account. The Retailer reserves the right to reject the complaint if:

the returned goods were damaged by the customer,

if the returned goods lacks the security seal or is not in the original packaging,

if the Retailer concludes that the product was damaged and useless due to the customers’ inadequate handling.


9. Delivery

The Retailer shall deliver the ordered items to the user (customer) within the agreed time limit. Pošta Slovenije is the Retailer’s contractual partner for the delivery of mail items. The Retailer reserves the right to select another delivery service should it thereby be able to fill the order more efficiently.

In the event of receipt of items by post the customer shall pay the postage.


10. Security

The Retailer uses appropriate technological and organisational means to protect the transfer and storage of personal data and payments. To this end the Retailer uses a 128-bit SSL certificate issued by an authorised organisation.

The information about cards are not stored on the Retailer’s server.

Safe authorizations and credit card transactions are ensured by the system. Authorizations of credit cards are carried out in real time.

The user is also responsible for security by ensuring the security of their username and password and by providing appropriate software and antivirus protection for their computer.


11. Protection of minors

The Retailer may not accept any online store orders from persons whom they know or suspect are minors without the explicit consent of their parent or guardian. The Retailer may not offer free access to items or services in the online store which are harmful to minors.

The Retailer shall not accept any personal data whatsoever relating to minors, and shall not disclose data received from minors to third parties except to their parent or guardian.

All communication intended for minors shall be age-appropriate and shall not exploit the trust, lack of experience or sense of loyalty of minors.


12. Privacy policy

The Privacy Policy is an integral part of these General Terms and Conditions.


12.1 Your membership and purchases are completely safe.

Cannamedis d.o.o. respects your privacy. That is why your personal information is always carefully protected. Any given information are protected against the intrusion of third parties, allowing you to conduct carefree and undisturbed business with the Retailer. This Privacy Policy can be changed or modified at any time, without prior warning or notice. By using this website, the user agrees with those changes.

Personal data privacy means that:

  • We will never misuse your personal information in any way.
  • Your contact and personal information will never be disclosed to third parties.
  • Your contact and personal information may be shared with a third party with your consent.
  • We will not send e-mails to which you have not registered.

You can quickly and easily unsubscribe from any of our e-mails at any time.

All of our online activities are in accordance with the European legislation (EU Directive 95/46/EC, 2002/58/EC and Treaty Conventions ETS 108, ETS 181, ETS 185, ETS 189) and national legislation of the Republic of Slovenia (Personal Data Protection Act, Electronic Commerce and Electronic Signature Act etc.). The Privacy Policy deals with information management that the provider receives about you, when you visit and use are website.


12.2 Collection and processing of personal data

Personal data is information that identifies you as an individual: your full name, e-mail or mailing address etc. The Retailer does not collect your personal data unless you allow it and consent to it, for example when ordering products, subscribing to the Cannamedis club or subscribe to our newsletter.


12.3 Use and dissemination of personal data

Cannamedis d.o.o. will use your personal data solely for completing your orders, for technical reasons, for administration of our website allowing you to access specific information and for general communication with you. Cannamedis d.o.o. will not disclosure your personal information to a third party.

12.4 Freedom of choice

The information you provide about yourself are under your control. If you decide not to give information to the Retailer, you will not be able to access some parts or features on the website.

Users who wish to unsubscribe from the Cannamedis club or newsletters, should send an e-mail to If any of your personal information (postal code, e-mail address, home address, phone number) change, please inform us about the changes via e-mail

Automatically recorded information (non-personal information)

Whenever you enter our website, the general, non-personal information (browser users, number of visits, average duration of the visit, pages visited) are being automatically recorded (not as a part of registration). This information is used to measure the attractiveness of our website and to improve the content and usability. Your information is not subject to further examination and is not disclosed to a third party.


12.5 Cookies

Cookies are unnoticeable documents that are temporarily stored on your hard drive that allow our website to recognize your computer the next time you visit the website. The provider uses cookies only to gather information concerning the use of the website.

12.6 Security

Cannamedis d.o.o. is strongly committed to ensure the security of your personal information. Your data is always protected against loss, destruction, manipulation and unauthorised access or unauthorised disclosure.


12.7 Minors

Minors should not transmit any personal data to websites without the permission of their parents or guardians. Cannamedis d.o.o. will never knowingly collect personal information from minors or in any way use or disclose them to a third party without their permission.


12.8 Right to information

If you have any questions about our privacy policies or how your personal data is dealt with, feel free to contact us. You can send an e-mail to

Based on your request, we will notify you – in writing and in accordance to applicable legislation – which personal data, if any, was collected during your visit of our website.


12.9 Changes

All changes of our privacy policy will be published on this website.

By using the website, the users confirm that they accept and agree with the entire content of this privacy policy.

Updated: March 2016


13. User opinions and product assessments

Opinions, comments and product assessments sent by users or visitors are a part of the functionality of the online store and are intended for the community of users.

The Retailer shall not be liable for the content of any opinions, comments and product assessments sent by users or visitors. The Retailer shall review opinions, comments and product assessments before publication and shall reject those that contain clear falsehoods, misleading statements, insulting or offensive language or those which in the Retailer’s opinion do not offer benefits to other users or visitors to the online store. The Retailer shall not be liable for the information in the opinions, comments or product assessments and shall assume no liability arising from such information.

By submitting an opinion, comment or assessment, the user or visitor explicitly agrees to the conditions of use and allows the Retailer to publish part or all of the text in all electronic and other media. The Retailer shall be entitled to use the content of the opinion, comment or assessment for an unlimited time and for any purpose which is in the Retailer’s business interest, including publication in advertisements or other marketing communications. The author of the opinion, comment or assessment simultaneously declares and guarantees that they are the owner of the substantive and moral author’s rights to the written opinions, comments or assessments and that they transfer these rights to the Retailer free of charge, non-exclusively and for an unlimited period of time


14. Liability

The Retailer shall to the best of its ability strive to maintain the currency and accuracy of the data published on its online store, however, the product characteristics, delivery deadlines and prices may change so quickly that the Retailer is unable to update the data published on the online store on time. In such event, the Retailer will notify the user (customer) about such changes and allow them to cancel or change their order (see Point 5).

Despite the Retailer’s efforts to provide accurate photos of the products sold on the online store, all photos must be understood as symbolic. The photos do not provide a precise representation of the characteristics of the product.


15. Complaints, disputes and application of law

The Retailer adheres to the currently valid regulations on consumer protection. The Retailer has an effective system of processing complaints and a person whom users (customers) can contact by phone or email in the event of difficulties. In the event of difficulties the user (customer) may seek assistance at Users (customers) may submit complaints via email The complaints processing procedure is confidential.

The Retailer seller will confirm that it received the complaint within five business days, notify the customer about how long it will take to process the complaint, and keep the customer continuously informed about the course of the complaint procedure. The Retailer will to the best of its ability strive to resolve all disputes amicably. If a dispute cannot be settled in this manner, all disputes between the Retailer and users (customers) shall be settled exclusively by the competent court with territorial jurisdiction in Ljubljana. The Retailer and the user (consumer) as participants in electronic commerce shall recognise the validity of each other’s electronic messages in a court of law.

These General Terms and Conditions and all disputes between traders and consumers (buyers) are subject to applicable Slovenian substantive and processual law, excluding any rules of private international law, which would dictate the use of any other law.

The provisions of the Code of Obligations, the Electronic Commerce Market Act, the Personal Data Protection Act and the Consumer Protection Act shall apply mutatis mutandis to all relationships and rights and obligations not regulated by these General Terms and Conditions.


16. Amendments to General Terms and Conditions

In the event of changes to the regulations governing the operation of online stores, data protection and other fields associated with the operation of the Retailer’s online store, and in the event of changes to its own business policy, the Retailer may amend these General Terms and Conditions, whereby it shall notify users of each amendment in an appropriate manner, including particularly notification via the website All changes/amendments to the General Terms and Conditions shall enter into force and be applied 8 days after the publication of the changes/amendments. Should changes/amendments to the General Terms and Conditions be required owing to harmonisation with regulations, those amendments may exceptionally enter into force and be applied in a shorter period of time.

Should a user disagree with any changes/amendment to the General Terms and Conditions of Operation, they must cancel their registration within eight days of notification of the changes/amendments to the General Terms and Conditions of Operation, otherwise it shall be deemed – and evidence to the contrary shall not be admissible – that the user accepts the amendments to the General Terms and Conditions of Operation. Users can cancel their registration by sending a written statement to the Retailer.

The General Terms and Conditions were adopted by the Managing Director of Cannamedis d.o.o. Tomaž Završnik on 21st of March 2016 in Ljubljana.

We wish you lots of pleasant shopping and great deals at our online store!