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Listi konopljeOn one hand, the contemporary way of life brings new challenges and opportunities, whereas on the other hand it brings an increasing amount of negative effects and the price is most often our health. The fast-paced life, constant impact of stress with bad eating or lifestyle habits can leave visible marks on our bodies. These marks are often a “nest” for further development of many lifestyle and most autoimmune diseases. They cause frequent fatigue, exhaustion, even anxiety and depression, and generate poor physical and mental well-being.

Hemp contains at least 460 different (active) substances, many of which are important part of our bodies. It contains all essential amino acids, proteins, omega fatty acids (3, 6, 9), vitamins A, B, C, D, E, natural antioxidants, calcium, iron and the precious gamma linolenic acid.

Rastlina konopljaHemp contains the crucial group of substances called cannabinoids. It is precisely because of cannabinoids that hemp is increasingly useful in medicine, in food and cosmetic industry due to structure and even as an industrial plant due to resistant fibres and high cellulose content. In many EU countries it is allowed to cultivate the CBD-enriched industrial hemp for the production of fibres, seeds, blossoms and leaves, which can be used for the production of multiple products.

In our company we produce the 100% natural industrial hemp from carefully selected and certified seeds in Croatia, which is widely known for excellent cultivation conditions. Hemp, from which we produce CBD hemp capsules with carefully controlled procedure, contains 18% of proteins, 58% of carbohydrates (only marginally sugars) and 15% of fats, but only 2% of which are saturated. We advocate the traceable European origin – grown and produced in the most fertile fields of Croatia. We abide by the natural production process. We only believe in high-quality and carefully selected ingredients.